About us ?

The Meeting of Marketing and Hotel Business has inspired the RW Luxury Hotels & Resorts philosophy.

Sabrina, a graduate in Marketing from University of California, San Francisco and Berkeley, and Jean-Christophe, a graduate from the Hotel school and University of Strasbourg, are the founders.

The passion they share for luxury travels has enabled them to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of premium hotels and their customers.

After more than 20 years traveling around the world and hundreds of luxury hotels & resorts visited, the experience acquired has naturally led them to offer you their collection of the finest hotels in the world.

Throughout the years, strong links have been forged with many hotel owners, enabling them to give you high-quality information.

Their collection of luxury hotels includes a search by geographical areas as well as travel criteria (wellness, beach, family, city break…).

Their vision of luxury is not solely a matter of stars but also a matter of how sensitive owners are, how beautiful a place is, what the history of the hotel is. The selection is thus perfectly coherent.

A whole team is now working for you to make you discover what we know the best : luxury hotels & resorts.