34B Astotel Paris

Simple and chic

The 34B Astotel Paris is the latest Astotel Hotel on the border of the 2nd and 9th borough of Paris is a massive stoned facility. This 3-star hotel’s architecture was inspired by the past and the history of that same building. Inside you’ll notice it is very bright due to the beautiful skylight. You’ll have a very “Frenchy” experience as well as a delicate and worked out atmosphere.

128 is the number of rooms there are in this hotel and each and every one of them was designed in a contemporary manner to satisfy the guests for their different stays.

The attentive staff and warm atmosphere of the Hotel 34B will make your stay in Paris truly memorable.

Once you get in the hotel, an atmosphere of cheerfulness and friendliness emerges.

You’ll also find a bar near the lobby which has a very modern design, made specially for guests.

Overall, your relaxing Parisian experience will be also due to your nice stay at hotel 34B in this very nice part of the city.

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Hotel 34B - Astotel, Rue Bergère, Paris, France
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