Aman at Summer Palace

Storied suites

The Aman at Summer Palace is nestled in elegant Chinese houses, some dating back to more than a century. The guesthouses used to be for the guests wishing to meet the dowager queen Cixi. The hotel is ideally located, at only 15 kilometers from the forbidden city. A true serene retreat with its indoor courtyards embracing the traditional chinese architecture awaits you in the 51 rooms, including 8 guestrooms, 10 courtyard guestrooms, 8 suites feature king-size beds, 17 deluxe suites, 7 courtyard suites, imperial suite, family suite (2 bedrooms), deluxe pavillon (2 bedrooms) and traditional courtyard (4 bedrooms) that combine imperial traditions and simple luxury.

We love the private access to reknown UNESCO heritage, such as the Great Wall, or the Temple of Heaven enabling the guests to live a unique experience and a time travel. We appreciate the typical restaurants of the Aman, as well as art galleries.

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Aman at Summer Palace, 1 Gongmenqian Street, Summer Palace, Beijing
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