The hills above Ago Bay

In the hills of the Ise-Shima National park in South Western Japan, you’ll find the luxury resort of Amanemu.

Overlooking the beautiful waters of the Ago Bay, it is the perfect place for you to relax in a typically calm japanese environment.
The opportunity will be there for you to discover local and cultural beauty all around the resort, whether it is the pleasingness of the green scenery or divers that are going to the Ago Bay to look for oysters.

Suites or villas have characteristics you’ll only be able to approve. The beautiful landscapes all around can easily be contemplated from within the villas or suites, as well as the beautiful Ago Bay.

Both are made in elegant simplicity for you to feel right at home the moment you get to discover your accommodation type.

As to the villas, you’ll have to choose whether you want a beautiful scenic garden view, or the calm and relaxing view on the bay.

Either way you’ll be able to view the natural surroundings from the terraces of the rooms.

In terms of wellness and spa experiences, you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoor swimming pool of the hotel that gives you another scenic view on the nature around the resort. A manicure and pedicure salon is also available for you to benefit from. A fitness and yoga studio is also there for you to relax whenever you want to.

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Amanemu, Shima, Préfecture de Mie, Japon
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