The Bawah Reserve

A preserved paradise

The Bawah Reserve, is located on the Anambas archipelago which is composed by six islands, in Indonesia, three lagoons and thirteen white-sandy beaches, off the Malaysian coast.

Bawah Reserve rests in sheltered carefree seclusion 160 nautical miles (300km) northeast of Singapore in Indonesia’s.

Enjoy a stay in tastefully decorated villas. The resort features thirty villas plus a magnificent garden suite and a two bedroom pool villa. All villas offer in-room WiFi and a private covered verandah. 

Disconnect from the hectic life of the city to enjoy a romantic diner for two in the midst of pristine nature with stunning views. 

Perched high up into the landscape of Bawah Island and surrounded by tropical rainforest, Tree Tops restaurant offers breathtaking views of the lagoon, stunning bamboo architecture and an impressive lighting installation representing a bloom of jellyfish.

Protected by the coral reef, the secluded island offers to guests mesmerizing dives and its luxurious forest provides a wide range of lullabies to hear from the birds.

The islands of Bawah are ecologically important due to the presence of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna on the islands, coral reefs that support a wide variety of marine life, and mangroves between the terrestrial and marine environments.

Through its foundation Bawah Reserve aims to preserve the local ecosystem by rehabilitating marine species. It also gives a hand to the local communities by providing English courses, empowering women and introducing organic agriculture. 

The islands provide important nesting beaches for sea turtles such as the Green Sea Turtle, and Hawksbill, which are vulnerable to predation by both humans and lizards.

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Kiabu, South Siantan, Îles Anambas, Archipel de Riau, Indonésie
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