Couvent des Minimes

In the middle of the Luberon

The Couvent des Minimes Hotel is an ancient religious convent which was founded in the year 1613, located in a town called Mane in the Southern province of France. However, the place has experienced a new birth since 2008 to turn into a top of the line hotel, with its sublime ancient constructions.
By getting to stay at the Couvent des Minimes, you’ll have the opportunity to live the tradition of hospitality since it has been that way for centuries, and obviously calmness in a not so populated area of the South East of France.
In the Couvent des Minimes you’ll find 46 rooms and suites there which either have a view on the beautiful private garden, the swimming pool, the terrace or the framing of the buildings. These suites and rooms all reflect the elegance and charm of the hotel in itself. Each of them is different keeping their own uniqueness. They’ve obviously been renovated but have kept their contemporary being and the French elegance touch in them.
The SPA l’Occitane is a wonderful place to relax.
The Convent of the Minimes, borrowed of history, in full nature, leaned against the picturesque village of Mane, will make you feel very good and will make you discover this region that is the Provence.
Let yourself be seduced by its tranquility, its natural setting, its magical walks.

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Hôtel Le Couvent des Minimes, Rue les Jeux, Mane, France
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