Delight Boutique Hotel & Spa

Boutique hotel in Mykonos

Located on the west side of Mykonos, the Delight Boutique Hotel & Spa is a few steps away from sea and overviews the nearby island of Delos. This luxury hotel combines beautiful seaside views, unique and adapted suites as well as various worth activities and occupations.

With six different suite types; from a classic « suite sea » view for two guests on 35 square meters, passing by a « suite sea view with private pool », to a « grand suite sea view with outdoor jacuzzi», you’ll have the choice depending many criteria.

Wellness within the hotel is something very important. The sense of relaxation you’ll feel thanks to the Spa experience of the Delight Boutique Hotel & Spa is unexampled. Massage sessions that you can arrange in your suite; face and/or body treatments; as well as nail treatments; finishing with hairstyling; are all available for you to enjoy your stay like never before.

Gastronomy and dining is another highlight of this hotel. First off you’ll find the Pool Bar Restaurant & Lounge, where you can relax with a drink by the pool and still have the beautiful seaside view. Different refreshments as well as a selection of different light bites will make you enjoy your rest watching the colors change during the day, either at sunrise or sunset.
Then you’ll also have the occasion to discover the authentic restaurant of the Delight Boutique Hotel & Spa. You’ll feel fulfilled when you’ll get to try out greek and local dishes from Mykonos.

RW Luxury Hotels & Resorts have taken this hotel for you, for more information click on the hotel’s official website.

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