Habitas Tulum

Between jungle and Caribbean

The Habitas Tulum hotel is located on the Caribbean shore of Mexico, in the city also called Tulum. Cancún International Airport is 1 hour and 30 minutes away by car. It includes around thirty rooms of different types, an outside swimming pool and private beach, a spa and a bar. The hotel’s restaurant serves regional traditional food based on fresh, locally-farmed ingredients. The hotel is invested in local projects as well as a partnership with the organization Plastic Hunters to reach its goal of sustainability. 

The Habitas Tulum’s surroundings offer many opportunities for discovery, like the natural reserve or the archeological sites of Zamá, an old sea-trading Mayan city named « city of dawn ». The underwater caves called « cenotes » lead, according to legend, to the underworld. The hotel provides a relaxing and enriching cultural experience centered on wellness and discovery, namely through Mayan clay ceremonies aiming for relaxation and purification. You will also have the opportunity to discover freediving, yoga and meditation. The hotel organizes musical activities highlighting ancient local culture, as well as concerts. The Habitas Tulum’s calm and lively atmosphere allows for new acquaintances and friendships with people from around the world as well as a fully disconnected experience.

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