Horizon Palm Springs

Design and intimist

Developed as a luxury resort, uniqueness and exclusivity are what differentiate the hotel Horizon Palm Springs from any other hotel in California. Located at around 110 miles from Los Angeles and 130 miles from San Diego in the middle of the Palm Desert. In the background you’ll notice the beautiful and scenic mountain landscapes that go to show why so many celebrities have made a turn to stay there.

With hand-selected materials and others you’ll find 25 rooms and suites designed uniquely to try and make you feel like you’re in your own private residence. From a garden bungalow to a complete own residence, you’ll have the choice in terms of the criteria you want to use in the Horizon Palm Springs.

In terms of yoga and activities, you’ll have various things to choose from. Obviously you’ll have expert yoga training at your disposition ; as well as hiking and walking trails; or even personal golf courses for you to enjoy.

Overall, if you want a calm resort with a fascinating scenery all around it, look no further than L’Horizon Palm Springs.

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L'Horizon Resort & Spa, East Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, Californie, États-Unis
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