Hotel Providence Paris

In the heart of the Parisian east

1854 is the year in which this prestigious small hotel Hotel Providence Paris in Paris was built. Since then it has obviously witnessed a dramatic evolution since it has been the case for the whole neighborhood in which it is located : The Haut-Marais.

The hotel in itself can be described as a fully cozy place to stay in. Marble mosaics and wooden floors complete an architectural masterpiece that is characterized by the typical Parisian style. It only takes you to sit in the front terrace to feel Paris at its finest: streets made of cobblestone with a bar and a restaurant just next to it.

As for the rooms, there are 18 in total in the Hotel Providence Paris, which also include a large suite and 2 Junior suites. The rooms and suites can be categorized by their vintage style and uniqueness.

As for the cuisine, you’ll be able to try out regional dining and many different sorts of dishes. You’ll also be able to sit and relax in your own rooms since every room is equipped with a mini-bar.

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Hôtel Providence Paris, Rue René Boulanger, Paris, France
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