Lesic Dimitri Palace

On the Croatian island of Korcula

Located on the Croatian Island of Korcula in the Adriatic Sea, you’ll find the Lesic Dimitri Palace in the town of Korcula.

Best described by its redefined elegance, the palace is the perfect mix between aged and contemporary style of architecture and design.

The Lesic Dimitri Palace contains 5 spacious suites that are all named after a city, a region or a country.

To start things off, you’ll find the Ceylon, which is a 1 bedroom suite inspired by South Asian overall design. Then you’ll have the Arabia (another 1 bedroom residence) which is obviously evocative of Saudi Arabia. The China is a large 2 bedroom suite inspired by Chinese design. Next up is the India which is also a spacious 2 bedroom suite that is however inspired by South Asian and Indian influences. Finally, for the most spacious suite you’ll have the Venice, which contains 3 bedrooms.

Each and every residence/suite was conceived with a superb design which combines the design of the region they represent with Korculan style.

You’ll also find some modern and unseen furniture in the suites.

The Lesic Dimitri Palace’s layout is one suite per floor instead of the usual classical hotel rooms, which gives its part in the uniqueness of this high class luxury palace.

In terms of wellness and Spa, you’ll experience a unique Spa tradition. A 6th suite was converted into a treatment and Spa area for your wellbeing. Different Spa therapies and sessions will be offered to you to experience relaxing moments as well.

Overall you will find the best palace experience in the Korcula Island, if not in all of Croatia.

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