Mykonos Blu

In front of the see in Mykonos

If you’re looking to plan a journey in Mykonos, Greece, look no further than Mykonos Blu. In this exclusive resort you will be able to choose between island bungalows, island suites or even blu villas for your stay. For the bungalows you’ll be able to choose if you want the beautiful side sea view with it as well, or a deluxe bungalow. The suites vary as well since you can choose to have a private outdoor jacuzzi. Finally, for the blu villas, you can have them with your private waterfront pool as well.

At Mykonos Blu, you can also get to try out different dining experiences. From mediterranean cuisine, passing by contemporary dining and even a roof top bar, you have multiple choices when it comes to choosing where to eat.

In the end at Mykonos Blu, you’ll experience a superb and uncommon journey overshadowed by the beauty of blue sea and sky you are going to be seeing during your stay.

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Mykonos Blu Grecotel Exclusive Resort, Mikonos, Mykonos, Grèce
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