Satellite Island Tasmania

On a small island in Tasmania

At the heart of the Entrecasteaux Channel, in the south of Tasmania, is located a small island full of charm. Satellite Island Tasmania is a unique destination with sheer water, shellfish and cliffs which circle the island.

The island has never been before accessible to the public, so Satellite Island remains unspoilt. It is up to you to discover this secret hideaway, with 360° views of this wilderness.

Whether you are looking to escape your daily life or yearning for adventure, Satellite Island Tasmania is the perfect place to relax in this untamed wilderness. You will live an extraordinary experience.

Wake up to the sound of birds and take your breakfast on the deck before going on a walk on this Tasmanian island. Discover Satellite Island from a kayak, light a fire on the beach and enjoy your evening with a glass of wine and some freshly wild oysters for a perfect end of the day !

Satellite Island offers several accommodations, built in an eco-friendly manner : a luxury tent, a house in the top of the cliff, a lodge on the water…

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Satellite Island, Tasmanie, Australie
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