The One&Only Nyungwe House

A unique experience in Rwanda.

The One&Only Nyungwe House is part of the world famous One&Only hotel chain and is located in the town of Gisakura in the Western Province of Rwanda.

Located next to the famous Gisakura tea plantations and Nyungwe National Park, the hotel offers a unique experience with a magnificent view of the jungle.

The One & Only Nyungwe House offers accommodation in one of the twenty luxury rooms and suites in a unique style that reflects Rwanda’s cultural heritage. For example, the two-bedroom Forest Suite offers a unique rainforest experience with its direct view of the rainforest.

Breathtaking activities such as meeting the different species of primates in the jungle, where you can observe them directly in their natural habitat.

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Gisakura, Nyamasheke Nyungwe Forest Reserve, Rwanda
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