The Sareni Raja Ampat

Patience is a virtue

The Sareni Raja Ampat is a cozy village hidden on an island en Indonesie. Its small sheltered bay introduce you to ten luminous and spacious villas. 

A handful are even built over the water so guests enjoy serenity even more. But honeymooners won’t be disappointed because other villas offer them the calm and intimacy they need thanks to the nearby jungle.  

Paradise seekers will love what this island has to offer. By starting your day with a hike in the Sareni Raja Ampat, you can observe the multitude of birds the jungle hosts and breath in the air with a spectacular view. 

For those who want to fuel their stay with adventure, the ocean offers a wide range of marine species going from mollusks to sea turtles and even Wales if you come at the right period! Four islands welcome you within their hearts through unforgettable moments.

The owners of this safe haven have at heart to preserve the island’s biodiversity. Minimizing the waste, hiring local people and farming are a fragment of the things they do to guarantee their guests a journey to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

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