The St. Regis San Francisco

In the heart of San Francisco

In a city of grace, style and inimitable culture, The St. Regis San Francisco embodies a warm hospitality and modernity. Located in the famous SoMA district, the imposing building in which the St. Regis has settled down is also the home to the African Diaspora Museum.

Each of the 260 rooms and suites offers a stunning view on downtown San Francisco. Unleash your desires in the heart of the bustling San Francisco.

The location of the St. Regis is perfect to enjoy the best attractions in San Francisco. Galleries, events of all kinds, restaurants, shoppings… how delightful it feels to stay in the heart of the vibrant San Francisco in the St. Regis whose reputation is well established in the city. We love smimming in the indoor pool of the hotel, as well as taking one of the Bentley of the hotel to bring us wherever we want downtown.

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St Régis, San Francisco
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