The Sussuro Hotel

Immersion in a unique experience in Africa

The Sussuro Hotel is located on the Nhamabue Peninsula in southern Mozambique, Africa. Many transfers are organised by the hotel from the nearest airport, Vilanculos Airport. The hotel is located in the heart of the island, overlooking the secluded shores of a turquoise lagoon.

The hotel offers a magical stay where you will find only 6 bungalows in a Mozambican vernacular architecture. Each suite has an indoor and outdoor bathroom with a veranda facing the water. For a quiet stay in privacy with family and friends.

The Sussuro Hotel offers a variety of activities such as guided excursions to the Mozambican national parks of Gorongosa and Zinave or visits to traditional Mozambican dhows. The food is excellent, so we recommend you try the famous East African brunch on the desert island of the Bazaruto archipelago.

The hotel is also committed to various environmental causes such as the protection and replanting of mangroves as well as supporting only artisanal fishing and sustainable local agriculture.

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