Villa Agave Dubrovnik

Above a cliff

Located above a beautiful cliff in southern Croatia in the small city of Dubrovnik, the Villa Agave Dubrovnik will provide you the best seaside villa retreat around the Adriatic Sea.
With a superb view on the Lokrum Island from its 5 sumptuous terraces, you’ll have indescribable memories to share around you.

You’ll be able to go down to the private cliffside beach through a walkway surrounded by magnificent gardens .

Villa Agave Dubrovnik is actually set on a 5 century-old chapel named St.Lazarus, and also not far by walking distance from the extraordinary old town of Dubrovnik and its ancient fortress walls.

Accommodation wise you’ll be able to go up rustic wooden stairs to get to the upper wooden and original floor where you’ll find 3 beautiful bedrooms.
From one of the self-standing baths you will have an impregnable view on the aforementioned Lokrum Island.

An outdoor pool and an outdoor barbecue are also there to complete your time at the Villa Agave Dubrovnik.

A meditation room is also there for your comfort and other on-demand features are also included such spa treatments, a private transport service from the airport and to the airport, as well as an obvious chef that will make you taste succulent dishes.

All in all the Villa Agave is a combination between a mediterranean summerhouse and an unequalled villa luxury.

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Villa Agave Dubrovnik, Ulica Frana Supila, Dubrovnik, Croatie
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