Villa TreVille

On a cliff

Villa TreVille is a very unique, exceptional and extraordinary hideaway boutique villa located on the famous and fabled Amalfi Coast in Italy in the town of Positano.
The villa overlooks the beautiful clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, and is built on a paradise filled cliff, which gives you one of the most remarkable overviews from the terrace.

Villa TreVille includes 5 superb villas built with fine detail and mesmerizing uniqueness.
They are all surrounded by superb terraces, ancient tropical plants and most importantly magnificent gardens that go up until the cliffs of the small town.

The very natural environment of where the villa itself is located will be one of the most important factors during your stay; since you’ll be able to go through the garden pathways and enjoy the fresh sea air to relax and have a spiritually filled moment during your walk.

Services include any feature you can possibly ask for in such a luxurious place. They include a gym, a jacuzzi, even a full day breakfast.
Other services can also be a tour on the private shuttle boat or just a one day trip to the city of Capri on an island nearby.

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Villa TreVille, Via Arienzo, Positano, Salerne, Italie
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